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Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee

The Medicaid P & T Committee is comprised of up to 15 actively practicing healthcare professionals appointed by the Secretary of DHHR and acts in an advisory capacity to assist BMS in selecting drugs for the Preferred Drug List.  Members may serve a maximum of three, three-year terms.  Members are required to disclose their conflicts of interest, if any, and to maintain confidentiality of drug rebate information.  The Committee meets three times per year and as necessary to review the PDL and new drugs as they become available.

The West Virginia Medicaid Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee is committed to:

  • * Objectively recommending drugs for inclusion on the WV Preferred Drug List (PDL) that are effective and cost efficient, while providing maximum safety;
  • * Examine the scientific literature (found in labeling, drug compendia, and peer reviewed clinical literature) for sound clinical evidence that supports selecting specific drugs to be included on the PDL
  • * Ensure that the PDL provides for medically appropriate drug therapies for use in the general Medicaid population, allowing healthcare providers to care for the majority of their patients without a prior authorization request.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes: 

  2015 Meetings         
  April 29, 2015 Agenda  Minutes Draft PDL for Review  
  January 28, 2015  Agenda  Minutes Draft PDL for Review  
  2014 Meetings        
   October 22, 2014 Agenda Minutes Draft PDL for review  
   August 27, 2014 Agenda  Minutes Draft PDL for review  
   April 23, 2014 Agenda  Minutes Draft PDL for review  
   January 29, 2014 Agenda   Minutes Draft PDL for review  
   2013 Meetings        
   October 23, 2013  Agenda  Minutes  Draft PDL for review  
   August 28, 2013  Meeting Cancelled    
   April 24, 2013  Agenda  Minutes Draft PDL for review  
   January 30, 2013  Agenda  Minutes Draft PDL for review   
  Archived P & T Agendas and Meetings  
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