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West Virginia Youth Tobacco Prevention Program

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The goal of the West Virginia Youth Tobacco Prevention Program is to prevent our young people from trying or using tobacco products and to assist the youth who do use tobacco products in reducing the amount they use or quitting.

The Youth Program works closely with the American Lung Association of WV (ALA) to address the community needs of the state and to provide Not-on-Tobacco (N-O-T) and Teens Against Tobacco Use (T.A.T.U.) facilitation for both schools and communities. To see upcoming programs and training visit ALA Mid-Atlantic.

2013 Youth Tobacco Survey Report is now available. Click here for access.

Teen Tobacco Use in West Virginia - Learn the Facts



Raze is West Virginia’s teen led anti-tobacco movement.  For more information go the Raze website at or get the facts: 

Raze - Get the Facts
Raze - Get the Facts


 Tar Wars

Tar Wars

Tar Wars is a tobacco-free educational program offered by the American Association of Family Physicians.  This program is directed at fourth and fifth graders. Tar Wars discourages tobacco use among West Virginia’s youth and motivates students to make a positive-health choices based on personal responsibility.  

The program consists of a one-hour classroom presentation facilitated by community volunteers who come from a variety of backgrounds (frequently from the health care field).

Student participants engage in a series of interactive activities designed to:
  • increase their knowledge of the short-term effects of tobacco use
  • help them identify reasons people use tobacco products
  • prompt them to think critically about tobacco advertising
  • encourage them to become peer advocates against tobacco use.
Students who participate in the program can also participate in a Tar Wars poster contest at the local, state, and national levels.

To learn more about Tar Wars visit:
Department of Health and Human Resources
350 Capitol Street | Room 514 | Charleston, WV 25301 | Phone: (304) 356-4193 | Toll-free: (866) 384-5250 | Fax: (304) 558-1553

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