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The Case Maintenance Process

C2 - TOC              Table of Contents

Section 2.1          Introduction

Section 2.2          SNAP Benefits

Section 2.3          Medicaid

Section 2.4          Adult Group

Section 2.5           Parents/Caretaker Relatives

Section 2.6           Deemed AFDC Medicaid Recipients

Section 2.7           Transitional Medicaid

Section 2.8           Children Under Age 19

Section 2.9           Pregnant Women Group

Section 2.10         Continuously Eligible Newborn Children (CEN)

Section 2.11         SSI Recipients and Deemed SSI Recipients

Section 2.12         Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries (QMB), Specified Low Income Beneficiaries (SLIM) and)

                            Qualified Individuals (QI-1)(QIA)

Section 2.13         SSI-Related/Non-Cash Assistance

Section 2.14         Children with Disabilities Community Service Program (CDCS)

Section 2.15         AIDS Program

Section 2.16         AFDC-Related and SSI-Related Medicaid

Section 2.17          WV WORKS

Section 2.18          Former WV Foster Children


Appendix A          Reserved for Future Use

Appendix B          RSDI/SSI Annual Increases

Appendix C          Special Procedures for RSDI/SSI Cola Increases

Appendix D          Public Forms

                             DFA-SNAP-2  Change Reporting Form

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