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Fiscal Year 2014

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
AFA-01-2014-DD Customized Employment

Justice Reinvestment Act - Treatment Supervision Implementation
AFA 001-2014-JRI Treatment Supervision Regional Capacity Development (a collaboration of the WVDHHR and the WVDMAPS)

Substance Use Services
AFA-04-2014-SA Regional Youth Service Center

AFA-04B-2014-SA Regional Youth Service Center

AFA-05-2014-SA Substance Use Recovery Residence - Level II

AFA-05B-2014-SA Substance Use Recovery Residence-Level II Repost

AFA-06-2014-SA Substance Use Promotion, Wellness, and Recovery Programming

AFA-06B-2014-SA Substance Use Promotion, Wellness, and Recovery Programming Repost

AFA-08-2014-SA Youth Service Center: Transitional Housing Program

AFA-09-2014-SA Substance Use Recovery Residence Level III

AFA-10-2014-SA Substance Use Peer (Recovery) Coach

AFA-11-2014-SA Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)

AFA-11B-2013-SA Women’s Treatment and Recovery Programming

AFA-12B-2013-SA State Youth Service Center

Adult Mental Health Services

AFA-07-2014-AMH Projects for Assistance and Transition from Homelessness (PATH)

AFA-07B-2014-AMH Projects for Assistance and Transition from Homelessness (PATH)
Fiscal Year 2013

WV Substance Use Services

AFA-12-2013-SA State Youth Service Center
AFA-11-2013-SA Women's Treatment and Recovery Programming

Forensic Homes To Serve Individuals with I/DD

WV Substance Abuse Services

AFA-06B-2012-SA Detox Stabilization Units 

AFA-08B-2012-SA Non-Treatment Recovery Program 

AFA-10B-2012-SA Recovery Coach
AFA-06-2012-SA - Detox Stabilization Units 

AFA-07-2012-SA - IOP

AFA-08-2012-SA-Non-Treatment Recovery Programs


AFA-10-2012-SA - Recovery Coach

Consumer Operated Services

AFA-4-2012-AMH Consumer Operated Drop In Centers

SA Prevention Services

AFA-02-2012 SA Prevention AFA

Projects For Assistance In Transition From Homelessness (PATH)

Forensic Homes To Serve Individuals with I/DD

AFA-01-2012-DD-Forensic Homes

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