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Organizational Overview

The West Virginia Bureau for Behavioral Health & Health Facilities (BBHHF) is the federally designated Single State Authority for mental health and substance abuse (SSA and State Mental Health Authority) (SMHA) and administers the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment and Community Mental Health Block Grant Plan and Report that funds comprehensive behavioral health prevention, promotion, early intervention, treatment, and recovery programs statewide. BBHHF provides funding for community-based behavioral health services for persons with behavioral health needs, including those who are either uninsured or underinsured, as well as operational support for seven State-owned facilities with long-term or acute care psychiatric functions. BBHHF operates under the auspices of the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (WVDHHR) which also includes the State Bureaus of Public Health, Child Welfare, and Medicaid. The overall role of the BBHHF is to provide leadership, oversight and coordination of policy, planning, development, funding and monitoring of the public behavioral health system.

The principles that guide the work of the BBHHF are aligned with SAMHSA principles in understanding that the evidence base behind behavioral health prevention and promotion, treatment, and recovery services continues to grow and promises better outcomes for people with or at risk for mental and substance use disorders.

The mission of the Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities is to ensure that positive, meaningful opportunities are available for people with mental illness, substance use disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities and those at risk.

We provide support for individuals, families, and communities in assisting persons to achieve their potential and to gain greater control over the direction of their future and enrichment of their lives. The Bureau recognizes the invaluable knowledge that individuals with lived experience and their families and communities provide in helping to develop and improve services in West Virginia. We support partnerships, data-informed decision-making, and evidence-based practice as key to every aspect of behavioral health.

Organizational Structure

The Commissioner’s Office provides direction to the Bureau and communicates the goals of the Bureau/Department to the community to ensure continuity of services. Underneath the Commissioner’s Office are three integrated sections (Programs and Policy; Administration; and Operations), each overseen by a Deputy Commissioner.

Staff within the Programs and Policy section are charged with the development, implementation, and oversight of the statewide community-based behavioral health system of care and must ensure that individuals with (or at risk of) mental health, substance use, and/or developmental disorders have meaningful treatment and support services to maximize their ability to function as productive and stable citizens of West Virginia within the least restrictive environment suitable to their needs. Funding is provided to comprehensive community behavioral health centers and other providers to provide for a statewide continuum of care and supports for individuals in need of prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery, as well as related supports and services. 

The Programs and Policy section underwent a reorganization in 2016 to better reflect and support the integrated nature of behavioral health programs, after WV BBHHF’s 2015 Integrated Block Grant application. The new structure includes the main programmatic divisions of the Bureau:

Office of Adult Services;
Office of Children, Youth, and Family Services; and
o Office of Policy, Research, Planning and Compliance

We envision healthy communities where integrated resources are accessible for everyone to achieve wellness, personal goals, and self-determination.


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