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Administrator, Jason Dunigan, Ext 101

Assistant Administrator, Rose Holicker, Ext 109 

CFO Carol Staats, Ext 102

HR Director/Support Services Supv., Stephanie Rife, Ext 102

MIS Director/HIPAA Security, Jeff Mead Ext, 106

Payroll, Brenton J Barnette Ext 113

Resident Accounts, Sue Hall Ext 111

Medical Director/Staff Physician, Robert Tayengco, MD Ext 142

Director of Nursing, Kim Billups, RN Ext 126

Assistant DON, Vicky Bryant, RN, C Ext 123

Psychiatrist, Carol Klein, MD Ext 142

Medical Records/ HIPAA Coordinator, Julie Watson Ext 117

Infection Control, Christina Sigman, RN Ext 116

Resident Care Coordinators 
Carole Pelfrey, RN Ext 170

Therapeutic Program Director/Admissions Coordinator, Annette Hill, BSW Ext 146

Social Services Supervisor, Stephanie Click, LSW Ext 130

Social Worker, Mary Thompson, LSW Ext 129

Staff Development/QA, Andrea Murphy, RN Ext 119

Special Needs/Restorative Supervisor, Bonnie Mankin, RN, C Ext 140

Activity Director, Addie Roberts Ext 135

Purchasing/Procurement Ron Zerkle Ext 162

Nutritionist, Stephen Handley Ext 169

Maintenance Supervisor, Sam Legg Ext 148

Housekeeping/Laundry Supervisor, Becky Plants Ext 156

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