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Bureau Career Opportunities

Central Office Postings:    

Administrative Services Assistant I (Job Posting# BHHF17023, Closes (03/29/17)  
Accountant/Auditor V (Job Posting# BHHF17027, Closes (03/29/17) 
Accountant/Auditor III  (Job Posting# BHHF17026, Closes (03/29/17) 
Health Facilities Surveyor I (Job Posting# BHHF17022, Closes (03/30/17) 
Administrative Services Manager IV (Job Posting# BHHF17025, Closes (03/29/17) 
Office Assistant III (Job Posting# BHHF17028, Closes 03/29/17)

Facility Career Opportunities:

Our seven direct care facilities have career opportunities for registered nurses (WV Division of Personnel titles Nurse 1, Nurse 2, and Nurse 3), licensed practical nurses (LPN), certified nursing assistants (Health Service Trainee, Health Service Worker, Health Service Assistant, and Health Service Associate), Psychiatrists (Physician, Physician Specialist), and Social Workers.  Please contact Ginny Fitzwater or the Human Resources Director at one of our facilities for additional information regarding these career opportunities.

Seven State Facilities Job Postings:

Hopemont Hospital
Food Service Worker (Job Posting# HOPE17033, Closes 03/30/17)    
Office Assistant III  (Job Posting# HOPE17064, Closes 03/30/17)
Health Service Worker (Job Posting# HOPE17037, Closes 03/29/17)
Health Service Trainee (Job Posting# HOPE17036, Closes 03/29/17)
Health Service Trainee (Job Posting# HOPE17016, Closes 03/29/17)
Social  Worker I (Job Posting# HOPE17034, Closes 03/26/17)
Health  Service Worker (Job Posting# HOPE17026, Closes 03/29/17)
Health Service Trainee (Job Posting # HOPE17028, closes 03/29/17)
Health Service Worker (Job Posting# HOPE17027, closes 03/29/17)
Health Service Worker (Job Posting# HOPE17025, closes 03/29/17)
Health Service Trainee (Job Posting# HOPE17024, closes 03/29/17)
Health Service Worker (Job Posting# HOPE17021, closes 03/29/17)
Health Service Trainee  (Job Posting# HOPE17020, closes 03/29/17)
Health Service Worker (Job Posting# HOPE17019, closes 03/29/17)
Health Service Trainee (Job Posting# HOPE17018, closes 03/29/17)
Health Service Worker (Job Posting# HOPE17017, closes 03/29/17)
Health Service Trainee (Job Posting# HOPE17016, closes 03/29/17)
Social Worker II (Job Posting# HOPE17015, closes 03/26/17)

Lakin Hospital

There are no postings at this time.   

Jackie Withrow Hospital
There are no postings at this time.

Sr. Health Care Center
Purchasing Assistant (Job Posting# MHCH16015, Closes 03/29/17)
Cook (Job Posting# MHCH17003, Closes 03/30/17)   

Mildred Mitchell-Batman Hospital

There are no postings at this time.

Welch Community Hospital
Administrative Services Manger I (Job Posting# WELC171, Closes 03/29/17)
Nurse II (Job Posting# WELC175, Closes 03/24/17)

William R. Sharpe Jr. Hospital 
Nurse II (Job Posting SHRP17133, Closes 03/29/17)
Supervisor  II (Job Posting SHRP17129, Closes 03/29/17)
Health Service Worker (Job Posting SHRP17136, Closes 03/26/17)
Health Service Trainee (Job Posting SHRP17135, Closes 03/29/17)

For further information please contact:
Ginny L. Fitzwater, MHRM
Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities
350 Capitol Street, Room 350
Charleston, WV  25301
Telephone: 304-356-4819

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