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West Virginia Statewide Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup

The Division on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, an operating division of the Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities (BBHHF) within the West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources is the designated Single State Authority (SSA) for prevention, control, treatment, rehabilitation, educational research and planning for substance abuse related services.

Specifically those functions include:

  • Establishing policy to be followed in administering programs
  • Assuring compliance with state rules and federal guidelines
  • Dispersing and administering all federal funds or other monies allotted to the department related to substance abuse.

BBHHF administers the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment and Community Mental Health Block Grant Plan and Report that funds comprehensive behavioral health prevention, promotion, early intervention, treatment and recovery programs statewide.

BBHHF is the designated host agency for the State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW) grant, funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The West Virginia SEOW was assembled to lead the statewide systematic process to gather, review, analyze, translate and disseminate information about substance use and abuse and mental health in West Virginia. The West Virginia SEOW structure provides a systematic process for planning, implementation, and monitoring that provides ongoing core support to meet specified deliverables in the SEOW RFP. BBHHF provides key leadership to the SEOW: a Project Manager, Epidemiologist and a Research Specialist. Membership of the SEOW is wide and varied. Organizational representatives were selected on the basis of recognized data competence and interest in alcohol, tobacco, drugs and mental health epidemiology. The overall mission of the SEOW is to provide leadership for behavioral health data and transfer competency development at the state and community levels in order to impact state substance abuse and mental health policy development.

WV SEOW Integration

The WV SEOW is led by the BBHHF Epidemiologist with support from the Research Specialist, Director of the Division on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, and Deputy Commissioner of their Office of Data and Technology.  The SEOW is comprised of 21 organizational and individual members who include:   

 • WV Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities • WV Coalition to End Homelessness
 • WV Bureau for Children and Families • WV Division of Corrections    
 • WV Bureau for Medical Services • WV Department of Education, Office of Healthy Schools  
 • WV Bureau for Public Health, Health Statistics Center • WV Department of Education, Office of Research
 • WV Bureau for Public Health, Epidemiology and Prevention Services • WV Health Care Authority
 • WV Bureau for Public Health, Office of Maternal, Child and Family Health • WV National Guard
 • First Choice Services, Inc. • WV Poison Center
 • Governor's Highway Safety Program • WV Prescription (Rx) Abuse Drug Quitline
 • WV Higher Education Policy Commission • WV Public State Police
 • WV Coalition Against Domestic Violence • WV Supreme Court of Appeals



Goals for the SEOW upcoming year include:

  • Developing community data snapshots for all 55 counties in West Virginia to bring attention surrounding behavioral health data at the county level
  • Annual update of the Statewide Behavioral Health Profile
  • A special population project to highlight the need for further prevention and treatment services within the state
  • To create an online data query system that will allow for public access to the state’s behavioral health data

Additional Resources:

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For Research Questions please contact our Epidemiologist:

Karen, Hannah
Telephone: 304-356-4808

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