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Retrospective DUR and Lock-In

The Retrospective Drug Utilization Review Committee (RDUR), comprised of actively practicing healthcare professionals, meets monthly to review members' prescription and medical profiles which have been identified for drug utilization issues. West Virginia Medicaid contracts with Health Information Design, (HID) to conduct the initial reviews and referrals for the Committee. The purpose of these reviews is to reduce inappropriate care and avoid potential adverse drug-drug or drug-disease interactions. Physicians and pharmacists are notified by letter when potential problems are identified. A pharmacy lock-in program, aimed at reducing the inappropriate use of controlled substances, is overseen by the RDUR Committee and maintained by the Bureau for Medical Services and HID.

West Virginia Lock-In Criteria

Dan Lucas, PharmD
Kristy Lucas, PharmD
Barbara Smith, RPh, CDE
Paula Taylor, RPh, MD
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