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Home and Community Based Services

 The Office of Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) focuses on providing quality
 Medicaid funded services to eligible individuals in their homes and communities. The Office
 is working to create a sustainable, person-driven long-term support system for people with
 disabilities, the elderly and people with chronic conditions so they have outcomes, such as
 independence, health and quality of life. The Office of Home and Community-Based Services
 endeavors to ensure a service delivery system that promotes opportunities for people:
  • To receive quality services that respect personal dignity and choice;
  • To decide where and with whom they live;
  • To have control over the services they receive and who provides those services;
  • To work and earn money, and to include friends and supports to help them participate in community life

 For more information regarding the Office of Home and Community-Based Services, contact:
 Patricia Nisbet, Director at (304) 356-4904.