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Mountain Health Trust (Managed Care)

Mountain Health Trust

The Bureau for Medical Services (BMS), Office of Medicaid Managed Care, initiated a risk-based managed care program for certain groups of Medicaid recipients in September 1996.  Under this program, the Bureau has contracts with three MCO's for the provision of medically necessary services currently provided by the State, with the exception, most notably, of behavioral health, long term care, and non-emergency medical transportation services.  The MCO's under contract with BMS are Coventry Health Care of West Virginia, The Health Plan of the Upper Ohio, Unicare, and West Virginia Family Health. The name of the program is Mountain Health Trust.

Mountain Health Trust is continuing to enroll AFDC, AFDC-related, and certain qualified women and children in a 55 county area.  There are approximately 170,000 members enrolled in Mountain Health Trust.

To see which counties the HMOs are currently operating in; please click the following link to the
Managed Care Expansion Map  

Managed Care Organization Links:
Coventry Health Care of West Virginia
Health Plan of the Upper Ohio Valley
West Virginia Family Health
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