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VFC Manual

West Virginia Vaccines for Children (VFC) Manual

The Division of Immunization Services is pleased to offer you the revised electronic VFC Resource Manual. This manual provides guidance and quick access to the administrative activities required for VFC and helps providers implement immunization best practices.





Program Overview             General Activities Outline 
Frequently Asked Questions 
2 Enrollment     Provider Enrollment Form  (revised 2016)
Provider Profile Form  (revised 2016)
Provider Address Form
VFC Storage Agreement  (revised 2016)
Inactivation Policy 
3         VFC Patient Eligibility      VFC Eligibility Criteria
Patient Eligibility Screening Record 
Federal Guidelines     Federal Requirements for the VFC Program
VFC Standards for Pediatric Immunization Practices
Immunization Schedules
Summary of Recommendations for Childhood Immunization 
Summary of Recommendations for Adult Immunization
5 State Guidelines WV Child Care Center Guidelines  (revised 2016)
WV School Requirements
7th & 12th Grade Entry Requirements 
Pre-K Entry Requirements
WV State Code 64 CSR 95
WV School Certificates
6         VFC Forms Temperature Log         (revised 2016)
Vaccine Borrowing Form  
       Supply Order Forms 
(Health Dept)  (Private Provider)                         
Vaccine Transfer Form (VTR)
Physician Referral Form to LHD  (revised 2016)
7 Storage & Returns                         Vaccine Storage and Handling Plan  (revised 2016)
Vaccine Storage and Handling Chart  (revised 2016)
Safe Vaccine Storage and Handling  (revised 2016)
Manufacturer Quality Control Information  (revised 2016)
Return Vaccine Form Instructions  (revised 2016)
Return Vaccine Form  (revised 2016)
Common Vaccine Storage Errors  (revised 2016)
Checklist for Safe Vaccine Handling and Storage
Do Not Unplug Sign (printable)
8   Vaccine Administration              Guide to Contraindications  (revised 2016)
Patient Preparation
Infection Control
Vaccine Preparation
Prefilling Syringes
Administering Chart  
Site Maps
Administration Techniques
Comforting a Child 
More Comforting a Child
Skills Checklist
Chart / Documentation        Administration 
Vaccine Admin. Record (sample)  (revised 2016)
Vaccine Abbreviations List
10 Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) VIS Federal Law
Current Date Listing of VIS
All VIS Are Found Here  
11     Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) VAERS Reportable Events
VAERS Form Instructions
12  Reportable Diseases Reportable Listing of Diseases 
13 West Virginia Statewide Immunization Information System (WVSIIS) General Information & Technical Support
WVSIIS Screen Shot
Provider Brochure Request
14 Resources Important Contact Information
Health Department Phone Numbers  (revised 2016)
Hurdle the Turtle Costume
2015 CPT Codes 
CDC Acronyms Listing
Thimerosal Content Table
Vaccine Components
15 Correspondence Recent Memos Will Be Here 

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