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Ebola outbreak - Why it may be time to 'take the brakes off' producing a vaccine


CBC News, Canada
By Mark Gollom

Scientists may need to "take the brakes off" in their quest to produce an Ebola vaccine, which is already being fast-tracked through the regular phases and processes, but may still be at least a year or more away from mass trials.

"I really hope we can do it faster and given the pace that I see things moving at now, it is possible that we will go even faster. It really depends on how hot the fire is turned in Africa," said Brian Ward, a microbiology associate professor at McGill University's Centre for the Study of Host Resistance.

"If that burner goes full on and we really do see some of these predictions of 10,000 cases a week, I think that many people, including me, would start to argue to hell with this... we may just need to take the brakes off and just take a chance."

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