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  • WV Tobacco Quitline

    The West Virginia Tobacco Quitline provides highly trained, certified phone coaches to help participants quit tobacco. The program also offers nicotine replacement therapy for qualified enrollees, and information and materials on quitting tobacco... Read More

  • WV Youth Tobacco Prevention Program

    The goal of the West Virginia Youth Tobacco Prevention Program is to prevent our young people from trying or using tobacco products and to assist the youth who do use tobacco products in reducing the amount they use or quitting... Read More

  • Clean Indoor Air

    West Virginia’s Clean Indoor Air Program’s goal is to eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke in the home, workplace, and in public venues such as bars, bowling alleys, and restaurants... Read More


The leading cause of death and disease in West Virginia continues to be tobacco use with high prevalence for both smoking and spit tobacco. Almost 4,000 West Virginia residents die each year from tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure.

The economic costs of tobacco use are incredibly high in West Virginia. These costs are estimated to be nearly $2 billion annually, half from direct healthcare costs and the other half associated with occupational and work productivity costs.

Fact: Cigarette smoking can cause cancer almost anywhere in the body. The new 2014 Surgeon General Report on Smoking adds two new cancers to the list, including liver and colorectal cancer. Read a summary and major conclusions of the report here.


    What Clinicians Need to Know about Smoking 







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