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WV WORKS Activities/Requirements

C24 - TOC           

Section 24.1              Introduction             

Section 24.2              Participation Rates

Section 24.3              Minimum Hours of Participation

Section 24.4              Local Office Responsibilities in the Work Program Aspect of WV WORKS        

Section 24.5              Work Requirement Activities

Section 24.6              Employment (Unsubsidized and Subsidized)

Section 24.7              On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Section 24.8              Job Search and Job Readiness Assistance (JR)

Section 24.9              Work Experience

Section 24.10             Community Services Programs (CS)

Section 24.11             Vocational Educational Training (VT)/ College (CL)

Section 24.12             Providing Child Care for a Community Service Participant (CC)

Section 24.13             Non-Core Work Activities

Section 24.14             Payment for Support Services

Section 24.15             Payments to Employers and Training Facilities

Section 24.16             Continuation of Services

Section 24.17             Special Payment Procedures

APPENDIX A              Grievance Rights for Regular Employees of CWEP, Jo  JOIN and Employer Incentive

                                  Program Employees          

APPENDIX B              Grievance Rights for CWEP and JOIN Participants with Respect to On-the Job Working

                                  Conditions, Workers' Compensation Coverage and Wage Rates

APPENDIX C              Instructions for Completion of DFA-EIP-1                                        

APPENDIX D              Instructions for Completion of Training Agreement DFA-TA-34  

APPENDIX E              WV WORKS Volunteer Job Description Template

APPENDIX F              WV WORKS Public Forms

                                 DFA-PRC-1 - Personal Responsibility Contract
                                 DFA-SSP - Self-Sufficiency Plan 
                                 DFA-SS-2 - Application for Continued Support Services 
                                 DFA-TS-12 - Participant Time sheet 
                                 DFA-WVW-100-A - 55-Month Letter
                                 DFA-WVW-100-B - 60 Month Extension Request
                                 DFA-DIMA-1 - Disability/Incapacity Medical Assessment


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